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Look to shared future and not a divided past

Fionola Meredith is correct in her assessment about people in Ulster who are stuck in the past (Comment, September 26).

My family roots are in Co Antrim and my ancestors, like much of Ulster, were divided on signing the Ulster Covenant.

Do the Orange Order and Nelson McCausland have any idea how out-of-date and silly they look to the rest of the world?

While they fight old battles, those of us in the Irish diaspora embrace our heritage cultures.

I'm learning both Irish and Scots Gaelic and do Scottish and Irish dancing. I go to both Irish and Scottish fiddle workshops.

I am Presbyterian, but many of my best friends are Irish Catholics.

Maybe here in Ottawa, we can be a model for what could be in Ulster. I hope that Ulster young people will look to a shared future - not a divided past.


Ottawa, Canada

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