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Lord Sugar's not so sweet over women

With the final of BBC1's The Apprentice tonight, I'm sure that most of us hope that Derry's Leah Totton does well.

She has a good chance to win, because entrepreneurs like to surround themselves with people who make them look good. A young, glamorous doctor will undoubtedly appeal to Lord Sugar.

Lord Sugar has, of course, been accused of having an "outdated" attitude towards women.

Regarding the 1970s law, which states that it is illegal for women to be asked at interview whether they plan to have children, Sugar is quoted as saying: "These laws are counter-productive for women, that's the bottom line. You're not allowed to ask, so it's easy – just don't employ them. It will get harder to get a job as a woman." (The Guardian, July 1, 2008.)

Critics have described Sugar as "out-of-touch" and his work ethic as "a model of bad management in the UK. Negative, bullying and narrow-minded ... [Sugar] rules by fear". (Daily Mail, June 13, 2007.)

The question has to be asked: for all his wealth, is Lord Sugar really happy? He certainly seems to associate happiness with money. Is it ever possible to have great wealth and be happy? Are these not opposing goals?



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