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Losing faith in notion of God

A recurring theme of the Catholic Church's defence of its clerical child abuse scandal and the systematic cover-up seems to be that most sexual abuse actually happens in the family, perpetrated by married men and relatives.

While these monsters and their crimes are horrendous, the point that is often overlooked is that these people do not claim to be representatives of God. They do not claim to have been chosen by an all-good, all-knowing and all-powerful God to do his work on earth.

It is this hypocrisy that is slowly undermining the credibility and moral authority of Pope Benedict and his church and slowly undermining the very notion of God. No apologies or meetings with victims can stop the niggling suspicions that many people are having and will have that something just doesn't make sense here.

There is no defence for the actions of the Catholic Church hierarchy and the paedophile priests that they protected at the expense of the innocence of thousands of our children, and there can be no defence for an omnipotent God that allows it to happen on his own doorstep.

Sean Smith, Navan, Co Meath

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