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Lottery right to sign off titanic

Full marks to the Big Lottery on picking the right project for Belfast.

What else could they do with the money of those with modest means who buy a ticket in the hope of a life changing win?

At least they will be able to walk or cycle the Greenway Project.

That will be better than queuing with the tourists to be reminded of a shipping disaster.

Let the big property developers fund their own signature project.

They do not need Lottery money for a development which has arbitrarily restricted the construction of affordable housing to 12% of the total.

How typical of Belfast to submit a dead ship for a Living Landmark competition.

Meanwhile, at Enniskillen this month, the North South Council met to launch the start of the new Irish waterway link from Limerick to Belfast via the Lagan.

Congratulations to Edwin Poots, Conor Murphy and Eamon O'Cuiv for securing £23.8m from the Irish Government, half of which will be spent in Northern Ireland.

The Titanic Quarter needs to be linked to the new Lagan navigation to make sense of its marina proposals. Then we can think of it as a destination on a living Irish waterway system

Erskine Holmes, Belfast

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