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Loud and abusive women led off Belfast to Barcelona plane

Lynn White: People like that should be banned from flying for at least two years. That should sort them out. They should be ashamed.

Ryan Gillespie: People like that just need manners. The age of them going on like that. Nothing but ill-reared idiots.

Lynn White: Every person there is on holiday and want to enjoy themselves. Then idiots like that ruin it. I would not be happy on that plane and that other mouthpiece should have been put off as well.

Janet McQuillan: They were so rude and aggressive and came across as common and ignorant. An embarrassment to Northern Ireland and women generally. EasyJet handled it really well, because if someone spoke to me like that, it would be a different story.

Angela Higgins: Had the "pleasure" of this idiot on our flight. The way she spoke to the air hostess was disgusting. I couldn't have kept my cool. The air hostess did her job so well. Fair play to her. Good luck to them getting home.

Francis Cheryl Loughins: Imagine the hangover she's waking up with. Don't know what's more cringeworthy - getting lifted and gurning, or the doll in the background: "You've a problem, darlin'. Get a life."

Dani Mary: Finest trampy behaviour. People like this shouldn't be allowed out of their house, never mind on a plane to another country. There's being excited and having a few drinks; then there's being a complete pollution.

Ciara McConville: They've probably never been on a plane. They should just stick to Ulsterbus.

Daniel Dobbin: What a disgrace - and a 50-year-old woman. Children crying and everything. Lock them up in Spain for a while and I am sure they will think twice next time.

Dani Mary: Imagine them up the back of a Goldliner.

Colleen Buchanan: Scundered for them. Middle-aged women carrying on like that. Stay classy.

Lynsey Turner: I'm all for partying all day, but not if it's going to get me arrested by the Spanish police.

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