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Loyalist flags are not in my name

I read, with interest and concurrence, your Dundrum correspondent (Write Back, July 15) on the subject of flag-flying in that village. I note, specifically, his statement that flags are erected without public consultation.

As a ratepayer in Ballynahinch, I have never been consulted about the mounting of loyalist flags outside my house.

Although a Protestant brought up in the unionist tradition, I was fortunate to have parents who never sought to indoctrinate me. Thus, my political views are based on education, observation and conscience.

I see no justification for this annual display of tribal tackiness. The majority, who deem these blots on the landscape to be unacceptable, feel intimidated by those who erect them.

One day soon, we will feel empowered to assert, with one voice: not in my name.


Ballynahinch, Co Down

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