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Loyalist funding plea ‘despicable’

I have never been an admirer of the SDLP but I have to admit that Alex Attwood's performance on the Hearts and Minds programme recently was great.

It was despicable to hear the loyalist paramilitaries wanting more funding “to go away”.

Luckily Attwood has said that his department won't be funding them, but he worryingly highlighted the newly proposed slush fund that Sinn Fein is pushing through OFMDFM to be spent on “selected” republican and loyalist groups.

Alex Attwood said that the figure Sinn Fein is proposing is £20m per annum for four years. He stated that neither himself nor the Health Minister, Michael McGimpsey has ever been consulted and that Sinn Fein and the DUP are running on this alone.

If this is true, it is time for us all to speak out. This £20m a year should be spent on health, education or job creation not on funding republican and loyalist groups under the guise of community safety or anti-poverty initiatives.



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