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Loyalist leaders back end to riots

Denounce those paramilitary leaders in east Belfast. They are nothing but crooks - in every sense of the word.


Muffin_man: We are only 21 days into the New Year and you have already won the Dumbest Comment of the Year award.


Muffin_man: I would be happy to applaud them if they disbanded and left everyone else alone.


OX38655: How can anyone applaud mindless thugs for disrupting a whole country?


The problem is that these people are sheep, but they are following illegal ganglords who are using them as a rent-a-mob so as to protect their sorry interests.


Peter Robinson, sadly, you today are only a leader in name, but you have displayed zero leadership in the past months.


I could laugh at some of those who are attacking Peter Robinson and the DUP. They didn't even bother to make an effort to vote. And now they complain.


Why is our First Minister not standing alongside our Deputy First Minister and showing that unionism and nationalism stand together against the violent, fascist, sectarian thugs? It's time the PSNI opened our roads and arrested those that have been burning, threatening, hijacking and rioting.


A commendable effort. But why did it take so long? Why not after the second night's rioting? Or the first? Why only now, when the damage has been done, do we hear the collective call for it to stop?

The Watcher NI

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