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Lucas took a brave decision

I AM writing in response to David Cather's letter (Write Back, March 16).

I am from south Antrim and, therefore, I would consider myself to be more qualified to speak of the feelings of the South Antrim electorate than someone from Belfast.

Let me first congratulate Mel Lucas on being selected as the TUV candidate. Had the TUV not fielded a candidate, I would not be able to exercise my democratic right as I would have no one for whom I could vote and no party which I could trust.

Since the TUV come under constant criticism from all sides, most vociferously from the DUP, I would say that it was a brave decision that took Mr Lucas from the haven that is a well-oiled political machine into a fledgling party.

I would like to wish Mr Lucas all the best for the upcoming election.


Randalstown, Co Antrim


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