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Ludicrous to ask officers to back Maze plan

I SEE from your newspaper (News, February 25) that two retired senior police officers have lent their support to a proposed 'conflict resolution centre' at the site of the Maze.

As I write this response, I have to hand a document entitled Concept Paper provided by the Maze Long Kesh Programme Delivery Unit (July 2010). Your readers may be interested to learn that this document proposes that the following buildings will form part of this facility: an entire H-Block, the prisoner processing area, the laundry, the hospital, the kitchen, the admin area, a complete prison compound and a tower.

Could I suggest that to expect the lawkeepers to come into an environment so heavily tainted with the trappings of the lawbreakers is so utterly ludicrous as to be beyond contempt. Raymond White and Peter Sheridan seem to suggest that a victims section, where taped testimonies of survivors could be listened to, would help to persuade us to support this enterprise. I think not.

But when they have acquired the taped testimonies of those who ravaged our province for so long, I'm sure many of us would be very interested in listening to them - but at a more suitable location.

Incidentally, I and others have recently completed a DVD of memories of 65 ex-UDR soldiers and their families. This can be purchased for £10 - less than the cost of the Maze/Long Kesh Programme Delivery (£21.38m).


Co Fermanagh


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