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Madness of roads projects is making Belfast a very unfriendly place for cyclists...especially teenagers

letter of the day: highways hell

"Hey mum, can we go to the swimmers?" "Yes, kids, off you go, but keep to the cycle lanes."

In Amsterdam, yes. In Belfast? Not a hope.

The Roads Service has just redone the intersection at Belfast's Millfield junction.

There had been minimal cycling facilities. Now there are fewer. May I suggest those responsible just resign?

There could have been a cycle lane behind the car park and, because it would have involved less hardcore, this could actually have been the cheaper option.

But no; instead, even though there are no shops and hardly any pedestrians, they've made a pavement some four to five metres wide.

Every roads project should be undertaken with the eventual aim of making Belfast cyclist-friendly, even for young teenagers. And, while the new cycle lane in Alfred Street is brilliant, the city will not be safe until the provision is integrated.

It should also be noted that, while most environmentalists are concerned about the effects go global warming, Belfast's DoE seem to act like deniers.

Take, for example, Royal Avenue, all redone, with no cycle lanes; as a result, the No 12 bus, for example, now goes round three sides of a rectangle - Chichester, Victoria and High streets - so adding to pollution, noise, consumption of precious resources and rising sea levels - while, in Victoria Street itself, there is a two-lane car exit, but, again, no cycle lane. Pathetic.

Meanwhile, the bus to the City Airport actually goes round in circles, widely recognised as a sign of madness.

It is all so unnecessary. And, if I may say so, damned stupid.



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