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Magennis is best person for justice position

David Ford's comments on the pointlessness of the Saville Report highlight his unsuitability for the role of Justice Minister.

Rather than ask the hard questions about the publication of the Saville Report, David Ford has been careful not to offend the Secretary of State.

Mr Ford's comments have vindicated the SDLP's case that Alban Magennis is the best-qualified candidate for this position.

We are entitled by right to the position of Justice Minister through our democratic mandate and have pointed out that Sinn Fein and the DUP have gerrymandered a situation in which no nationalist need apply.

No nationalist wants a Justice Minister who thinks that Saville is "pointless".

Nationalist voters want and deserve a minister who will act fairly and exercise sound judgment on all contentious issues.


SDLP candidate for East Antrim


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