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Maginness needs to check his facts first

I though we had heard the last of Alban Maginness and his constant muckraking (Comment, July 13).

As an elected representative, he never missed a chance to criticise the unionist community, while ignoring faults in his own, be that flying flags, drum-beating, or bonfires. But now, he has a column in the Belfast Telegraph, where he can vent his opinions unchallenged.

Last week, it was bonfires - not that the subject did not need airing, as subsequent events proved.

His column infers that the Chobham Street bonfire was a repeat of last year's giant.

I visited Chobham Street on the afternoon of July 11 and I had to ask a resident where it was sited. I found it to be of average size, and completed by a team of mostly youngsters - not a monster built by loyalist gangsters, as Alban imagines. So, in his new role of columnist, perhaps he should learn to check his facts before committing to print. Better still, why not keep his views to himself.


Ballyclare, Co Antrim

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