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Mainstream media has nothing to tell us

In the aftermath of Donald Trump's victory, columnists in the media have lined up to analyse the result.

A selection of the great and the good are competing to tell us what the Trump presidency means about society (it's broken), democracy (it's overrated if it doesn't go the way you wanted it to) and the future (most probably armageddon).

Yes, the mainstream media, which didn't even countenance a Trump victory and dropped the ball in an unforgivable post-Brexit dereliction of duty, now lines up to confidently tell us what Trump's election means for us all.

Well, if the writers were so wrong about everything else, why should we listen? The idea that you can brand millions of people as racist, misogynist, retrograde, knuckle-dragging savages if they don't do what you want, or vote for your candidate, perhaps needs reviewing as a strategy to win hearts and minds.

People are no longer offended by these taunts; they seem simply bored of them.


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