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Major parties 'invisible' prior to the election

This week, I awaited the usual knock at the door. You know the one. You hear it every few years and it's usually followed by, "Hi, I'm canvassing on behalf of ... ".

However, I have not been greeted with that this year by the main Executive parties. In fact, some appear to be in hiding.

The two main unionist parties ram a leaflet through and move on, Sinn Fein and the SDLP don't bother much in east Belfast and there have been next to no sightings so far of Team Yellow.

The only parties whom we have seen and spoken to directly are the Ukip, TUV and Green candidates, who have all been quite prominent so far.

If truth be told, my mind was made up long ago. I will be voting for two of the parties named above. We need new representation in these parts. In truth, I would likely have told some of the main parties that they were wasting their time on my doorstep.

I have voted for the larger unionist parties all of my life. But never again. In my opinion, they take our votes for granted and disappear.

They aren't delivering for us at all. Jobs and businesses are going, the place needs serious investment and the local school system is being destroyed.

We don't see some of these MLAs until the next time they are looking for a vote. Still, it would be nice if they even made the effort in that respect.



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