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Majority not of a Calvinist mindset

In his response to Alf McCreary's column in the Saturday Review (February 6), the Rev ET Kirkland refers to "the Christian view of salvation". What Rev Kirkland really means, however, is the view of salvation that is peculiar to those of his mindset and the Calvinist world view of some denominations.

The majority of Christians do not accept John Calvin's theological opinions on salvation, believing them to be at variance with the revealed Word of God, in both sacred Scripture and sacred tradition.

Rev Kirkland and his fellow religionists should beware of canonising their own ideas on such a vital matter, putting them on a par with Holy Writ.

The Lord Jesus Christ warns human beings that many shall come from the East and the West to take their places in the Kingdom of God and those who considered God's Kingdom to be their very own possession turned outside of it (Matthew 8:11-12).


Crossgar, Co Down

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