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Make your vote count in an honest election

I would like to make the following points to readers who intend voting in yet another Northern Ireland election:

1. Make sure it is your vote that is counted. Bring a pen with you. If not, the election officers will hand you a pencil. Never use a pencil.

2. Have you ever noticed that the number on your ballot paper corresponds with the number on the voting list of names? Secret ballot? I think not. When I queried this, I was informed thus: "This is in case a dispute should happen." What kind of dispute would be needed?

3. Do you realise that all parties are allowed to examine the voting papers after the election is over? In this way, they know who voted for whom. That is your proof that the election is not secret.

Make sure that this election is an honest one. Make sure it is your vote that they are counting.


Coleraine, Co Londonderry

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