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Making women pay for C-sections is stupid idea

Edwin Poots should return to the 16th Century where he belongs (News, September 29).

Is Mr Poots really telling us that, if a woman, say five months' pregnant, is too afraid to deliver naturally, whether for mental, physical or emotional reasons, she will have no choice other than to pay £3,585 for a C-section? Is this not against her basic human rights?

How stupid and naive this statement is. It could only come from a man. Why victimise a pregnant woman?

I am sure there are plenty of places where Mr Poots could recoup funds in the health service; for example, by cutting his own wages. Management is way too top-heavy, spending time in meetings instead of investing that money into real health workers.

What about smokers, drinkers and drug-abusers, who constantly abuse their bodies? They are the ones crippling the NHS.

I chose to have my three children naturally, only because I was too afraid of a C-section. How on earth could Mr Poots take money from women who just happen to be the opposite of me?

How many seconds did it take him to come up with this idea? It beggars belief.




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