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Malala's story a wise warning and inspiration

I GOT through a great book during the Christmas festivities. I Am Malala concerns the story of a young girl living in the Swat Valley in northern Pakistan.

Malala (12) dreamt of being able to educate herself and have a life, rather than follow the traditional route of an arranged marriage at the age of 14.

She tried to make her dream a reality and attended school until she was shot in the head by the Taliban.

Education for women was shunned by the Taliban, who were imposing a strict version of Islamic law that forbade the education of women. They started a campaign of bombing schools and beheading teachers.

Malala survived the assassination attempt, in spite of being shot at close range. She has met world leaders, appeared on TV worldwide and continues her aim of trying to convince factions in her home country of the benefit of educating their daughters.

Words of wisdom that jumped out from the pages uttered by this girl were: ignorance allows politicians to fool people and bad administrators to be elected.


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