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Management at water firm should resign

Without reiterating the grim details already well-documented, I would like to draw attention to the role of the chief executive of NI Water, Laurence MacKenzie, in this debacle.

NIW's website states that the chief executive is "responsible for the overall performance of NI Water and ongoing transformation of the organisation into a customer-focused, world-class utility".

So let's see how NIW measures up:

* Failed to recognise the gravity of the situation until it was too late;

* Failed to have a disaster recovery plan in operation (or any plan);

* Failed to communicate to the public;

* Failed to have an informative website;

* Failed to have an effective customer helpline in operation;

* Failed to provide an adequate emergency water supply;

* Failed to have customer guaranteed standards in place, and;

* Failed to accept overall responsibility for the crisis until pressurised to by the media.

The above failures are indicative of a dysfunctional organisation which is not fit for purpose.

Therefore the whole management should do the honourable thing and step down. Surely we deserve better than this?




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