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Manning and Snowden prove conspiracy theories

THOSE who regarded conspiracy theorist as crazies must surely have had to rethink their position in light of recent events.

Bradley Manning, who bravely exposed US war crimes, faces jail for life, whereas military personnel who carried out these crimes have not been prosecuted and have continued military careers.

Edward Snowden exposed the practice whereby government intercepts the private electronic and voice communications of ordinary citizens – violating the right to privacy and free speech.

Rather than admit failure and give a firm commitment to resolve this unwarranted intrusion into private lives, the regime has directed all its venom at Snowdon.

Once again, the message is loud and clear: the whistleblower is the problem – not the crimes.

Obama has arrogated the right to imprison any US citizen on suspicion of being a terrorist without due process. He decides every Tuesday who will be killed that week by drones in places like Somalia, Yemen and Pakistan, without having declared war.

The Obama regime is attacking alleged Sunni Muslim fundamentalists by drones, but supported similar Sunni Muslim fundamentalists in Libya and now Syria. We know Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, but the drums are still beating for war against Iran, because of its mythical nuclear weapons.

This is the New World Order, folks. The conspiracy theorists were right.



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