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Many ageing library staff not IT-literate

THERE is something incongruous in the arguments put forward in defence of remaining in the European Union when, as members already, this fifth-richest economy is so far down on its uppers that it has to cut the hours of Libraries NI.

While acknowledging the service provided, Libraries NI must also shoulder some responsibility for their present plight.

As a member, I visit many libraries, at the risk of being eviscerated, I am of the opinion that they are overstaffed.

My perception is that they are staffed by an ageing workforce, who are not au fait with computer technology and who live in dread of being confronted by any problem pertaining to computers.

I accept that they do a fine job for school and pre-school children, by way of storytelling, but this is not a full-time occupation and does not merit a full-time staff.

I suggest CEO Irene Knox leave her ivory tower and see for herself the number of staff not IT-literate and superfluous to her needs.

Only then can she organise Libraries NI to their full potential and provide a full-time service to members.

No longer will the Sword of Damocles, in the guise of 'cuts', hang over her domain.



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