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Many Scots value our neighbours in the UK

Writing as a native Scot, I am ashamed, embarrassed and greatly saddened by the performance of the SNP's Westminster leader during the farewell remarks to David Cameron on leaving office as Prime Minister.

In stark contrast to others, Angus Robertson MP came across as dour, ungracious, humourless and critical. Can I assure your readers that not all Scots are of that demeanour.

However, in defence of Mr Robertson, he has been schooled by, and is a product of, the SNP ethos and the corporate persona of many in his party, including both past and present leaders.

In the run-up to the Scottish independence referendum and since, prominent figures within the SNP appear to use every media occasion to carp and complain about the claimed lack of support for Scotland.

While no Westminster party is beyond criticism, the bellicose rhetoric gives a very poor impression of my country and the Scottish people. This behaviour is also serving to create worrying degrees of division and hostility within our society.

Please be assured that there are many of us Scots who are warm, friendly and appreciative regarding those in other parts of the UK.



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