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Many will have second thoughts on EU vote

I keep hearing the Brexit camp claiming they have won a "democratic" election with a resounding majority.

Due to the up-front arrogance of Remain in totally underestimating its opposition and, in particular, the highly disadvantaged, using the EU as a scapegoat for the UK Government, they never even considered whether an achievement by either side of 50.1% of the vote would be a sufficient margin to win the day.

My experience is that most organisations choose a level of 75%, or thereabouts, in order to decide major changes.

I understand, for instance, that Denmark has different levels for different types of referenda. Deciding whether smoking in public places is to be tolerated, or not, for example, is a very different kettle of fish to walking out of the EU.

Our referendum showed no clear majority whatsoever on a very important matter. The Conservatives will never be able to offer a manifesto based on Brexit's promises and many will come to question their earlier Leave vote.

Indeed, many might well then entertain a second "clarifying" vote on a 75% majority basis before a reluctant majority of Remain MPs predictably decide to sign relevant Article 50, placing their jobs above the interests of the country.


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