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Marchers are wrongly blamed for trade losses

Who does Robin Wilson think he is when he says July and August are handed over to the loyal orders every year, resulting in disruption to business (Comment, July 6)?

What pathetic nonsense. The blame for that lies with those men in suits like himself - businessmen, bankers and politicians - who have brought this country to its knees and are running about blaming everyone else.

The marching season attracts thousands of tourists who pour thousands of pounds into the economy. Also, the marchers put thousands of pounds into the economy all year round, shopping for the equipment, refreshments, public transport which they use - not to mention the thousands they collect for charity.

As for the policing and clean-ups after the parades, then why not stop all sporting events, May Day parades and rock concerts?

Stop blaming the marchers for bad business and stand up to the suits who are the real cause of it.



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