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Marches should be banned from nationalist areas

I am writing in reference to the coverage of this year's Twelfth Orange marches in your publication and other publications.

I have a big problem with the media's and politicians' focus only on the alleged 'rioters' in Ardoyne, while not mentioning the fact that residents were protesting against yet another bigoted, hateful march being forced through their neighbourhood.

The rebranding of sectarian marches as 'Orangefest' is a transparent attempt to reposition a negative into a positive.

Consider the reaction to a US group establishing 'Whitefest' to promote white culture and celebrate the alleged superiority of whites over blacks, Asians, etc.

What if members of this group wanted to dress as Ku Klux Clan members, skinheads and nazis and parade through traditionally black and Jewish neighbourhoods while singing pro-white, racist songs? No one would allow such a thing to happen.

The solution to marching disputes is simple to me: ban them in mixed and nationalist areas.

They foment anger and distrust between Protestants and Catholics.


Woodside, NY, USA


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