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Margaret Thatcher's years as premier were full of disasters

MARGARET Thatcher is dead, so the usual rubbish comes pouring out about her virtues.

She was remarkable for her grocer-shop mentality, arrogance, unswerving hatred of sections of the working class and, above all, as the luckiest prime minister we have had.

Her disasters included the poll tax, and cuts to the Navy just before the Falklands war, which saved her administration at the cost of many lives.

She sold off Westland's helicopter manufacture, deregulated the financial sector and failed to re-energise manufacturing with unprecedented petroleum revenues.

She sold off council houses, with no replacement provision, and gas and electricity. Yet she wasted gas and oil reserves, using them as a weapon to kill off the mining industry and its communities.

A ceremonial funeral with full military honours? Give me strength.


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