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Marriage equality issue is divisive at a time of crisis

Next Monday a motion calling for the award of legal rights to same-sex couples seeking marriage equality is listed for debate at Stormont. Apparently, this shall be the fifth occasion in the life of the Northern Ireland Assembly that this matter will have been debated (DebateNI, October 27).

It is totally baffling to me how any party or parties can prioritise this particular issue for divisive discussion at this point in time.

It is so soon in the aftermath of the Assembly paralysis that resulted in the Sinn Fein reversal of its agreed position in budget negotiations earlier with the DUP.

Thousands of people - particularly the sick and the elderly - have suffered severe hardship following the breakdown of those talks and will continue to do so for a long time. Millions of pounds in penalty payments to the Chancellor of the Exchequer can never be recovered.

I believe that Sinn Fein egotistically misjudged the degree of influence which it could exert in talks with Chancellor George Osborne towards obtaining a bigger block grant for Northern Ireland. It failed and travelled to Washington DC seeking support from Capitol Hill, but again received only a negative response.

At this time of crisis our minds should be focused on restoring an acceptable quality of life for all the people of Northern Ireland.

And if that means proportionately allocating less debating time for minority groups, so be it.

It is my understanding that the number of same-sex couples applying for marriage equality status in Britain is infinitesimal.

The marriage rite between one man and one woman is the bedrock of civilisation.

The human race began with our first ancestors, male and female, and family life would never have evolved without the union of both genders.

The relationship between same-sex couples is not open to procreation and this is at total variance with the marriage covenant entered into by a husband and wife and which best provides for the needs of the children resulting from that union.


Limavady, Co Londonderry

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