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Martin McGuiness and a lapse of memory

When Cardinal Conway described Father Chesney as a "very bad man" was he referring to him as a thief, being involved in child-abuse or his participation in the satanic murder of innocent people in Claudy? I think the latter incident was what Cardinal Conway was referring to.

Now we have Denis Bradley agreeing with Gerry Adams that Martin McGuinness had a convenient lapse of memory regarding ever meeting Fr Chesney.

Somehow it all comes back to him now. McGuinness for years denied being a member of the IRA. It is unbelievable that anyone in their right senses would believe anything he says.

If he didn't know about the planned bombing of Claudy, I'm certain it wasn't too long before he knew who the perpetrators were. Maybe his 'intelligence' squad had a day off.

Some people are now saying that Chesney was innocent because he was never found guilty in a court of law. We could also say the same about Hitler. Probable, the real criminals were Whitelaw and Conway for having Chesney sent out of British juristiction.




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