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Martin McGuinness makes it easier to be British

This is progress and a clear indication that McGuinness reflects the need for a shared future. He is putting into action and supporting the Good Friday Agreement principle that we can be as British or Irish as we want. Therefore, there is no need, or justification, for conflict.


The next move is for him to encourage the Republic to join the Commonwealth.


Does Willie Hay not qualify for a British passport on residency grounds? Or does he live across the border in Donegal?


We are all one people on this island. The fact that Ulster has a border running through it does not make fellow Irishmen and Ulstermen foreign to me. It is very good work by McGuinness to aid Mr Hay in getting a British passport.


And that is the reason there does not need to be a border at all.


I don't think I will be applying for British citizenship myself, but I would be happy for others to have the right to choose.


Having been born in Northern Ireland I can choose to be British or Irish or both. I think it's fantastic that McGuinness is supporting this. Glengormlian

Ah, how lovely to see sensible politics becoming the norm.


I'd imagine the FAI and IFA would be looking at this closely.


Makes you wonder if Willie Hay supports his country of birth team?


Under the Pakistan bill, anyone with a British grandparent could have British nationality as of right. Since Ireland was part of the UK until 1921, surely as long as at least one of Mr Hay's parents, or grandparents, was born before that time, he has the automatic right to a British passport without any extra charges.



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