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Martin O'Neill is the man to lead Northern Ireland

I think I could get behind Martin on this. He has a lot going for him, with a good managerial record. Would the 'loyal' Northern Ireland supporters be able to get behind him 100%? That would be my only concern.

A Wilson

A Wilson: not sure what that comment's supposed to mean. Why on earth would Northern Ireland supporters have a problem getting behind a manager who is an absolute legend in Northern Ireland football? The only issue with appointing Martin O'Neill will be finding the money to pay him..

Darwin Is God

A joined-up Ireland team (partnership between IFA and FAI) would be able to afford him and it would be an amazing team. But, hey, let's keep things small because of flags and anthems, huh?


Martin O'Neill is a Celtic man. Are you ok with that? Neil Lennon had a bit of a problem with some of the supporters.

Just Plain Mad

Please, please, please let it be Martin O'Neill and not some other second-rate no-hoper.


I don't think Martin needs the money.


One slight problem. The IFA could never afford to pay Martin O'Neill a salary that he would work for, so unless they can turn up a kind benefactor to cover the wages, then this is a complete and utter non-starter. Regrettably, Northern Ireland is now very much a lower league footballing nation.


I would be happy for Martin O'Neill to get the job.


Hard to disagree with Martin O'Neill. The IFA salary, while enormous to the rest of us, would be a lot less than he could get elsewhere. Hopefully, though, with an international coach being pretty much a part-time role it might appeal to him.

Big Chief Ally


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