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Martina Anderson says allow priests to marry

What utter garbage! So all single men have to beware? If you are married it's ok? A paedophile is always a paedophile, no matter what job they do or if they are married. The answer lies in accountability and transparency within the authorities to report and expel anyone accused of this heinous crime.


Can't get my head around anyone thinking that having a wife is going to stop child abuse. It won't.


Honestly love, do some research before you open your gob and spew nonsense.

There were problems with these individuals long before they took Holy Orders. Paedophiles gravitate towards positions where they will be in authority over children.

The screening process for someone seeking an annulment is more stringent and intrusive than that of anyone wanting to join the priesthood.


You have to despair at people like Martina Anderson who obviously have no understanding of the subject whatsoever. These priests were paedophiles before they entered the Church. They found a way to carry out their sick behaviour within an organisation where they would be protected from the consequences.


Over 50% of paedophiles arrested in the USA are married, 85% of sexual abuse is within the family, hence priests getting married is not a solution. They would have acted this way regardless.


As with all sex offenders there are 'opportunist' abusers. Given the set-up of the church, it is a no-brainer that abuse would occur. These priests were given total control over children and had every opportunity to do as they wished.


Even if they didn't become priests, they would still be paedophiles. These abusers are smart. They know if they join the priesthood the Church will protect them. If they are found out, the Church will move them from place to place to abuse again.



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