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Mass killer and glorification of IRA's terrorism

The latest shooting atrocity in Oregon has had US President Barack Obama calling for tighter gun-control laws, as such incidents were happening on an all-to-regular basis.

The reality is, if there are those with this mindset, they will get access to weapons regardless of what laws are in place.

After each atrocity, a profile is built on the killer, who in most cases either takes his own life, is shot dead, or is arrested.

In June, when Dylann Roof murdered nine African-Americans in a church, it was established that he had images on his website of the US Confederate flag and, because of political pressure, this flag was taken down from the State House in South Carolina and all merchandise linked to this flag was taken off sale, as it was deemed to cause racial tensions.

A profile was carried out on Chris Harper Mercer, who committed the murders in Oregon, and on his webpage he had images of masked IRA members, the paper An Phoblacht and statements that the British Army could not defeat the IRA.

To date, I haven't heard President Barack Obama, or any other political representative, call for such images to be removed from the website, or the sale of IRA merchandise to be prohibited in case it incites others with similar views to commit such atrocities.

Anne Travers was correct when she said that "IRA terrorism is rewarded" and Chris Harper Mercer has glorified their actions in committing an atrocity similar to many carried out by the IRA on innocent civilians.


Traditional Unionist Voice

Cookstown, Co Tyrone

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