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Maturity needed at Stormont

We are currently facing economic crisis and recession is looming.

We have been drip-fed depressing news about rising unemployment, increasing living costs and lack of confidence in business.

Yet we still have stalemate at Stormont.

Our ‘ministers’ have again failed to hold their Thursday Executive meeting and it is unlikely that there will be a change this side of Christmas.

It beggars belief that, despite the Executive having the power to reverse some of these economic trends by giving the green light to key investment projects, our ‘ministers’ still cannot show the maturity to set aside their differences.

It’s clear our ‘politicians’ do not grasp the urgency of the requirement for them to meet on matters that could stimulate economic growth.Our politicians need to tackle these issues and stop wasting time. Confidence in the economy may be low, but confidence in our elected representatives is non-existent.



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