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May had no choice but to say no to Sturgeon

The SNP say that Theresa May should not have the choice of delaying any proposed referendum until the results of Brexit are clear.

In a way, they are correct. It is not her choice - it's her duty.

Theresa May is Prime Minister of the entire United Kingdom, with a responsibility to all the people of Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England.

As such, it is her task to ensure that the Brexit negotiations are conducted to secure the best result without the distraction and added complexity of a Scottish pre-referendum campaign being waged in the background.

She, therefore, has no choice but to put it on hold. Anything else would be failing in her duty to all the peoples of the UK - and even a disservice to the people of the Republic of Ireland, who would also want an outcome that allows trade and interconnection with us to continue as freely as possible.

Contrast this with the "Me, me, me" attitude of Nicola Sturgeon, who is only concerned with her own agenda. The SNP contribution, so far, has been to suggest "compromises" that they know are completely impractical, would weaken the UK's position and have to be rejected.

This allows her to claim "disrespect" and yet another manufactured grievance to stir up her followers.

mark openshaw


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