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May must not stand for Spanish bullying

This is as good a time as any to put an end to Spanish bullying of Gibraltar. Pretty speeches on sovereignty delivered in London are a waste of time and merely evidence of British weakness and lack of will.

Why on earth should the British allow the Gibraltarians to be intimidated and harassed by the Spanish (or the French for that matter)? Nelson must be turning in his grave.

Make no mistake. This is a real test of the credibility of Theresa May.

Dr Gerald Morgan

Easter wasn't marked by Quaker egg creator

Mrs May and the Archbishop of York show a misplaced sense of proportions in their criticism of Cadbury's for downplaying Easter in the marketing of their Creme Eggs.

After all, the manufacturer's founder, John Cadbury, was a Quaker who didn't celebrate Easter.

John Hein

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