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May's Trident vow no better than terrorism

I am horrified by Theresa May's willingness to kill 100,000 innocent men, women and children as a "deterrent". I see no moral difference between that and the willingness of paramilitaries in Northern Ireland in the 1970s to murder as a deterrent.

Margaret Thatcher said: "Murder is murder is murder", and described people willing to murder for political reasons as "terrorists".

On this premise, one must conclude that, by virtue of the Prime Minister's intent to murder for political reasons, she has the mindset of a terrorist.

People recently commemorated the Battle of the Somme. The global political culture with its reliance on organised violence to achieve political ends has learnt nothing since. My view is that to intentionally harm others - including non-human life - is wrong.


Derrygonnelly, Co Fermanagh

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