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Maze highlights our inherent leadership deficit

The current game of political ping-pong between UUP and DUP representatives over the Maze project highlights all that is wrong with political unionism today.

Jeffrey Donaldson's latest missive (Write Back, August 19) will serve as an excellent example of where this country is going wrong.

Instead of laying out the case for the current Maze proposals, all Mr Donaldson seems capable of doing is playing the 'it's really all your fault anyway' card. There is nothing in his letter defending or promoting the proposal. In fact, the tone suggests Mr Donaldson doesn't actually support the proposals.

In too many areas of our current politics, our politicians seem to be driven not by conviction or belief, but by resignation and weary acceptance. In a recent documentary on Harry Hamilton, a DUP councillor suggested that the Assembly settlement had been forced on the DUP, in other places the St Andrews Agreement was the work of the two governments and now the Maze proposals appear to have been agreed as the least worst option - not defended as a great idea that will deliver for the people of Northern Ireland, but rather the minimal approach to get the politicians off the hook.

Such negativity and reluctance to lead blights this province. Leadership is about leading. Regardless of whom we vote for, we expect them to lead.

But leadership requires courage and vision; nothing will be delivered without a sense of purpose.

Clearly our current leaders don't have courage or a vision; therefore, they don't actually qualify to be leaders.

So they shouldn't be there.




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