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Maze project highlights DUP doublethink

I FIND it extraordinary that our elected representatives remain mute regarding an £18m spend on a number of precast concrete buildings on the former Maze prison site with questionable listing protection.

The H-Block buildings should have been delisted by previous environment ministers, when the department rejected the original request by Sinn Fein to retain them back in 2005. However, this decision was reversed at a later review. I am at a loss to understand why this was not fully investigated to clarify why the original decision was overturned.

It is also ironic to find that Peter Robinson has worked in co-operation with a self-confessed IRA commander in jointly submitting the application that secured the EU funding for this project.

Obviously, contrary to the public stance of individuals within the DUP, they are now inextricably linked to assisting and supporting the Sinn Fein deal for the Maze.

I find this surprising, as I was of the opinion the DUP was fervently opposed to retaining the H-Blocks - especially when Nigel Dodds pointed out that the conflict resolution centre was "a shrine to IRA terrorists, no matter what way it's dressed up".

To involve and encourage past, or current, members of the security forces in this venture smacks of trying to sanitise an obnoxious project. How is delivering on this republican project moving Northern Ireland forward?


Hillsborough, Co Down


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