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Maze shrine to terror

In his article supporting a sports stadium at the Maze, your columnist Ed Curran (December 10) said that to describe the Maze as a 'shrine to terrorism' was 'superficial' and 'unduly simplistic'.

However, Sinn Fein members already regard the Maze as a shrine.

Earlier this month members of the Sheena Campbell Ogra Shinn Fein cumann at Queen's University, Belfast, visited the H-Block site at the Maze and they have described their visit on the organisation's website.

One of the students said that they 'paid homage to the bravery of the hunger strikers and the prisoners who were held captive'. She also said that 'the resistance and resilience of republican prisoners was a constant source of inspiration'.

With words such as 'homage' and 'inspiration' it is clear that Sinn Fein regard the H-Blocks as a republican shrine and it is their hope that the development of the site will improve access to their shrine.

To say that Sinn Fein want a shrine to terrorists is neither superficial nor simplistic.

Nelson McCausland, Belfast

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