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McArdle should simply not be in her position

The decision by Caral Ni Chuilin to appear in the Belfast Telegraph (June 16) under the headline 'Working with Mary a "privilege"' reiterates how callous Sinn Fein has been in relation to the trauma caused by the appointment of Mary McArdle.

The coldness of the minister's responses reveals a callousness that only someone fairly disconnected from the real feelings of others could give.

The opportunity to pour oil on troubled waters has clearly been rejected with a steely determination to ignore the public disgust at this appointment, in favour of a further, calculated insult.

This has not been a good news story for Sinn Fein; unusually, the media has not been well- handled.

Sinn Fein stands accused of provocation, insensitivity and openly insulting victims. No amount of 'It was a war', 'We have all suffered' or 'You can't keep punishing the prisoners' will do.

The IRA shot an innocent girl, in the back, in cold blood and Mary McArdle was involved. In any humane society, those that perpetrated such a horrible crime must live with the consequences.

One of the consequences must be that the person who did this cannot - must not - be employed at the public's expense, in a senior civil service post. It's as simple as that.


Portadown, Co Armagh


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