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McCallister shows leadership in Opposition move

While I am not a UUP member, I write in support of John McCallister MLA becoming the next leader of the party.

After becoming very disillusioned with the UUP at the time of the Belfast Agreement and subsequently with the DUP, I now find myself drifting back to the UUP - especially in endorsing this idea of Opposition. McCallister is someone demonstrating leadership and real politics, willing to challenge the status quo, within the UUP and within a self-serving Stormont coalition.

Northern Ireland needs an Opposition; it needs to embrace the fundamentals of British democracy.

Opposition is a way forward for the UUP; it also provides the people of Northern Ireland with the opportunity to open up the political market to normal politics and to move away from the self-serving carve-up which the Sinn Fein-led coalition is determined to maintain in order retain the luxuries of political office.

It is therefore about time that the UUP put the people before party interests, took a risk and moved into a position which will upset and shake the political system into order. It's time to hold this rotten Executive to account.


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