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McCann elected to serve constituents

Newly-elected MLA Eamonn McCann stated on radio that his job is to hold the main parties to account. Now, I don’t like to burst Eamonn’s bubble, but he needs to learn that his role is to work to improve the lives of the people of Derry. The people who hold politicians to account — and this includes Eamonn — is the electorate, through the voting process.

If Eamonn thinks that sitting on the backbenches, giving a few speeches, will enamour him to the electorate he is sadly mistaken.

Can Eamonn outline what multinational companies he will be meeting to entice them to set up in Derry? Would he cut the health and education budgets in order to provide the money for the multi-million pound clean-up of illegal waste?

How will Eamonn ensure that Magee is transformed into a stand-alone Derry university? Or the Derry to Belfast rail line is upgraded into a first-class transport system?

Eamonn may think that lifting nearly a £1,000 a week for being the conscience of the people is money well spent, but the people of Derry may have a different view.



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