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McCann silent on Arab treatment of Palestinians

WHY do we never hear Eamonn McCann speak out about the treatment of Palestinians in Lebanon, where they are forbidden to own property and hold certain jobs (DebateNI, June 23)?

I have never heard him speak out about Jordan revoking citizenship from Palestinians, or occupying the East Bank. He is silent about the treatment of Palestinians by Syria and Saudi Arabia.

Unlike the surrounding Arab countries, all Israeli citizens – Armenians, Bedouin, Circassians, Druze, Jews, Maronites, Muslims and Russians – have the right to vote, speak their language, practise their faith, and protest against Government policies.

Israel is a democracy. It has free and fair elections, and an independent judiciary. It has a large mix of political parties, a freewheeling parliament, including members who have openly cavorted with the country's enemies, and a free Press.

Israel protects freedom of worship for all. It has a vibrant gay community, strong unions and minority communities have legal protections and certain rights not afforded to Israeli Jews.

Oh, I almost forgot: a fifth of the Israeli population is Muslim Arab. How big is the Jewish population in the surrounding Arab countries, Eamonn?

A Hamas-run society is a society with all-enveloping political and religious suffocation, relegation of women to the status of virtual male property, intimidation of the tiny Christian (or any other faith) community, and unadulterated anti-Semitism.

There is nothing worse than to see the truth and tell a lie.


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