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McCann 'slurs integrity of drugs officers'

Eamonn McCann claimed (Comment, June 7) that police inflate the value of drugs we seize to boost the significance of seizures.

He is wrong and his assertion is a slur on the integrity of officers and staff dealing with drugs investigations.

The weight, or quantity, as well as street value, of drugs seized during an operation is based on both scientific analysis as well as the professional opinion of a police drugs expert witness, who has achieved accreditation and recognition as an expert from the criminal courts by virtue of their extensive training, operational experience and knowledge in the investigation of the misuse of controlled drugs.

Last year, police seized more than £13.1m-worth of drugs in Northern Ireland. Provisional figures for seizures made in the first two months of this reporting year will be available later this month after they have been processed.

They will include the seizure of £800,000-worth of cannabis in one operation in Londonderry last month.

detective chief superintendent roy mccomb

Organised crime branch, PSNI

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