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McCausland must apologise and clear the air

I have just woken to the news of Mr McCausland's appeal to Northern Ireland museums to give more prominence to Ulster Scots, the Orange Order and alternative views on the origin of the universe.

I have had the fortune to visit the Ulster Museum over the past weekend and I found it to be a wonderful experience. As a simple patron, I found it informative, engaging and very well-balanced to all sides of the Northern Ireland population.

I have no problem, though, with Mr McCausland's appeal for more information on Ulster Scots and the Orange Order, as both are a part of my heritage.

While I don't involve myself with the more segregated past-times in this country, it is important to educate people on our collective history - whether it be the Orange Order, RUC, IRA, or even The Undertones. I do, however, have a major problem with his call for the inclusion of "alternative views on the origin of the universe".

Museums deal with facts or, at the very least, theories with corroborating evidence.

The Big Bang theory and Darwin's theory of evolution have vast amounts of evidence supporting them. Thousands of men and women, supremely more intelligent than he or I, wholly subscribe to those ideas, not from blind faith, but through careful, informed and reasoned thought.

Mr McCausland's letter concerns me. He should apologise and state that his views are his own and should not have been pushed on the secular community.


Comber, Co Down