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McCausland’s biased agenda truly shameful

It is a regrettable confirmation that the upper echelons of unionism have a long way to go in the journey towards an inclusive society when the Belfast Telegraph allows its pages to be used by politician Nelson McCausland to compare the savage murder of Catholic priest Father Jacques Hamel with what he calls “republican atrocities from the Troubles” (Comment, July 28).

Mr McCausland’s lengthy column focuses on several conflict-related killings in, or near to, churches.

All cases mentioned were carried out by various republican groups. Not a single one of the examples used relates to killings carried out by pro-British forces.

Many of the most brutal killings of civilians in Mr McCausland’s own home area of north Belfast were carried out by unionist paramilitary groups. The vast majority of those victims were co-religionists of Father Hamel.

The people of north Belfast have grown well-used to Nelson McCausland, but for the Belfast Telegraph to sponsor this one-sided hypocrisy is nothing short of shameful.

It is ironic that Mr McCausland uses the column space at his disposal to accuse others of wanting to rewrite the past; worse still, the Belfast Telegraph allows him to do just exactly that.


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