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McConville stance shows Gerry Adams isn't fit for office

ACCORDING to the media, Gerry Adams has been quoted as saying on US television that the killing of Jean McConville by the IRA was just something that happens in war (News, April 3).

But the "Troubles" (as Gerry Adams' "war" is generally referred to) was not a declared war between two nations.

The "war" Gerry Adams refers to was a sectarian, inhumane murderous conflict, carried out on unarmed, innocent people to such an extent that the Army had no choice but to become involved on the orders of the British Government.

For Gerry Adams to state that the death of the late Mrs McConville was an ordinary happening of war has shocked me rigid.

This innocent woman was the mother of 10 children. She suffered a forced kidnapping, followed by a brutal interrogation and/or torture, before being executed and then dumped in a desolate area.

It took years - at enormous cost to the taxpayer - to recover this woman's remains.

How hypocritical can this man get? When one of his murderous compatriots lost their life in the same conflict, he demanded from the British Government that no stone be left unturned to discover the truth.

The greatest injustice that anyone could impose upon any citizen of the 32 counties of this island would be for this man to have any say in how any of us are governed.


Kircubbin, Co Down

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