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McCrea should be applauded over his stance

I read with interest the articles on Basil McCrea's position within the UUP, his views and the editorial comment (News/Comment, January 4).

Calls by some of his party members of 'no confidence' and 'not a team player' have, no doubt, been fuelled by his forward-thinking stance over the flag issue.

While a reduction in British cultural identity will not sit comfortably with any unionist, many MLAs appeared to incite flames of unrest and show an unwillingness to accept a democratic decision. It is ironic that the politician who displayed common sense and recognition of democracy is now the one answering critics, instead of those who have to share a degree of responsibility for the damaging ongoing protests.

Strength comes from encompassing and building on diverse and challenging opinions, not by being silenced by your boss.

I trust that Mr McCrea's positive stance and comments will not also be lost on the electorate.

I am left pondering whether the sharks are circling the scapegoat, because going round in circles instead of forward is their natural direction.


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