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McCrea: Unity candidate good news for Sinn Fein

More choice is good. Keeps all the others on their toes. Some complacent for far too long.

Cult Creature

Cult Creature: If choice is such a good thing, would it not be a good idea if we had 10 more unionist and nationalist parties? So, for example, I vote for the party that supports smoking, or fox hunting, or believes in UFOs. It all gets a bit silly. Is extra choice going to be any use to unionism (or, indeed, nationalism), when all it does is split the potential vote and reduce a party's chance of victory?

T J McClean

T J McClean: You need to get away from 'them and us'. The Union has never been more secure. To make any progress as a society, you have to get away from voting for people because they have wrapped themselves in a flag. I say: 108 parties with one MLA each would achieve more than the half-dozen parties we have.


8billion: As I said before, I do not care about a flag.

T J McClean

Shops suffer £250m slump in trade

The downfall of HMV and Fulton's had nothing whatsoever to do with flag protests – nothing whatsoever.

The Spelegraph

The Spelegraph: I agree. More like a failed business plan to adjust for economic downturn. Fulton's catered to an upper-class client, who could afford the finer things in life. A lot fewer high-priced houses being built these days, too. Protests will not last for ever. What excuse will be used for poor business planning next year?

Cult Creature

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